BOOT Hamburg

In 2015 Stefan Malzkorn initiated the BOOT Hamburg project in the Osterbrookviertel with the aim to create a meeting place in his home suburb Hamm-Süd.

Who and what is the BOOT? In any case, the BOOT is not another beach club on the banks of the Alster and not a new beach bar on the Elbe.

The BOOT is our project for Hamburg’s Osterbrookviertel. As a neighborhood initiative, we are planning a meeting place for neighborhoods, sport and culture in the Bille basin. A place that is open to everyone who wants to be by the water and on the water. We would like to introduce you to areas of water that are still wide and open and undiscovered.

We first discussed the BOOT Hamburg concept for the Osterbrookviertel in 2016 with the urban planning board of our local administration. Since June 18, 2020 we are part of the model project “Mitte -machen”. “Mitte -machen” aims on promoting urban development with a focus on sport and multifunctional meeting places. Behind this plan is a project of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home.

With this funding the BOOT idea is on its way to realization; an idea that we are convinced that our neighborhood, our district and our district will benefit from.

If traveling to Hamburg: Take the chance to meet us. Our events are posted in our calendar at

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