Our archive holds analogue and digital image material from the early 1990s until today accessible.

The malzkornfoto – web database was started in 2006. Between 2006 and 2020 we filled an online archive with more then 500.000 digital images. Momentarily our online-Archive is locked to the public during the course of reprogramming and optimizing. You as our client will later be able search the database for keywords.

You may take a look at our stock-list which will be permanently updated in the coming months. Thus you get an idea of the vast work ahead of us.

Topics missing on our list? Do not hesitate to ask.

We will answer your wishes for image stock at any time.

Our database will grow even further in future: We are in the process of digitizing our analogue material and updating older digital material.

Our aim is to make our material fast accessible to us and for you.

Note to our customers

Between 2007 and 2020 we offered the hosting of images as a service to our clients. The related database has since been switched off after an announcement at the beginning of 2020. The previous user accounts have been removed and can no longer be reached.

The images of our customers are archived on our non-public servers.

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