Kulturwerkstatt Hamburg

VR-Frame Showroom System

The VR-Frame showroom system offers just the right frame for presentations, interior design and in-shop solutions

The free hanging design creates additional presentation space in nearly any kind of room

The system is based on a picture frame created by the german photographer Stefan Malzkorn. Malzkorn designed the VR-FRAME in 2013 for an exhibition of his work.

The solution he found for „Malzkorn’s Rock’n’Roll“ was shown for the first time in September 2013 at the Reeperbahn Festival.

The VR-FRAME made here a convincing impression at the Nochtspeicher – a historic building close to the buzzing heart of Hamburg´s reputed redlight and entertainment district.

Patented Design

In January 2017, the German patent 10 2013 110 457 was granted to the design. The patent was supported by the Signo program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Safe Mounting

Steel wires allow safe mounting from nearly any ceiling. The VR-FRAME is designed for a back to back presentation of prints of identical size or for the presentation of objects such as clothing or wearables.

Apart from its light appearance the VR-FRAME comes with a certain weight. This is our intention: it allowes the VR-FRAME to hang steady form its supporting wires.

While developing the VR-Frame-system we kept our eyes on safety and simplicity. Standardization allowes us to offer the VR-Frame as a modular system.

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