Kettcar; 14.01.2005

German Music

Right up to the end of the 1970ties german music was either Schlager or „somehow experimental“ – in a mocking way the latter was labeled „Krautrock“, was highly progressive and culminated with Kraftwerk in an international success story.

At the beginning of the 1980s the Neue Deutsche Welle added young, popular german bands and brought unprecedented chart-success to the German music industry – in the 1990s followed by German hiphop and Indie-related bands like Selig and Tocotronic. Hamburg was by that time a stronghold of German music-making, with the „Hamburger Schule“ defining a music stile the was both popular and intellectual.

Today Hamburg is a place to be for musicians, with numerous music clubs and the Reeperbahn-Festival as an internationally recognized music-fair at its core.

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