This is for Vitja: a quick glimpse on Nirvana ’91

Hello Vitja!

I read your message on Facebook.

Here is an image of Kurt Cobain taken at Markthalle Hamburg on Nov 11th, 1991.

So we are having a jubilee.

I was a young amateur photographer by that time – that very year Andreas Schnoor of the Markthalle Crew took a special favor for me, allowing me in any Markthalle-show in 91, 92 and 93.

Nirvana was my ever „first big show“ I photographed, completely sold out, with a stressed Andreas leaving the hall, passing his pass for the show on to me.

Hamburg, DEU, 11.11.1999: Nirvana; US-amerikanische Grunge-Band aus Aberdeen, Washington.

[ © Stefan Malzkorn, ]

Nirvana – Hamburg 11.11.1991 / Markthalle © Stefan Malzkorn

2 thoughts on “This is for Vitja: a quick glimpse on Nirvana ’91”

  1. Hi!
    I’m messaging you as Vitya told me to contact you about buying some photos from Rosklide the Markthalle show. I just wanted to say I love the photographs you took at both these shows. I was wondering how much it would cost to buy a print or scan. Thanks for your time!


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