A lot of: Therapy? 1993 – 2003

Along with White Zombie I had a request for some Therapy?-images this week – Definitely a great choice and a good start for 2022.

Between 1993 and 2003 I had the great opportunity to meet, sea and hear the group on a number of occasions.

So: Here they are: Andy Cairns, Fyfe Ewing and Michael McKeegan:

And a portrait session in 1995, with a lot of fun:

Followed by shows in Hamburg at Markthalle and Docks, at the Soundgarden in Dortmund and the band playing at the Hurricane-Festival:

In 2001 the band played a set at the Visions-Festival – the magazine celebrated its on hundredth issue on June 21st, 2001 at the Soundgarden in Dortmund.

In 2001 Therapy? had a PR-day at „Freds Schlemmereck“ in the Reeperbahn district of Hamburg, together with the Turbojugend St. Pauli.

If you are having an interest in photography:

All this material shows the revolution photography underwent at the turn of the millenium.

My first images of the band where taken on black and white negative film, self developed at night in a small amateur lab in Hamburg St. Georg. Pretty soon I turned to color slide material, rather difficult do expose under the sometimes crazy conditions of a live show, often close to to the extreme limits of lenses and film material.

in 2000 I became owner of a Canon D2000 digital camera which had a 2 Mio pixel chip – a help for fast newspaper work, but very limited when taking the poor light conditions at indoor shows into account. Some of the photographs in „Freds Schlemmereck“ are taken with it.

The photographs at the Hurricane are already taken with a Canon 1Ds which captured an incredible 11 Mio pixel image in full formate.

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